Friday, September 14, 2012

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

These are cell phone pictures taken at All-Tech's Lexington Brewery where they make Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, one of my favorite beers.  The brewery tour was a "team building event" at our Lexington, Kentucky site project kickoff.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sugartit, Kentucky

About a year ago, we moved to just outside of Florence, Kentucky.  My wife's new iPhone posts to facebook say she is "posting from Sugartit".  Even though my parents lived near Florence for nearly 20 years, I'd never heard of Sugartit, Kentucky.  Everyone on facebook keeps asking her where is Sugartit?

A little research turned up the answer.  Apparently Sugartit was once a community at the corner of Pleasant Valley (Hwy 237) and Dixie Highway (US42). It unfortunately no longer exists.  The last remnants were the "Sugartit Asphalt" plant, which has since been removed/renamed.